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A brief history of the company

The history of Cervezanía is linked to that of the first craft beer in Seville, in the south of Spain, Cervezas Albero, born of the passion and tradition of the Gutiérrez brothers for beer. In 2013, they embark on the adventure of creating a craft beer for all audiences, simple to drink, and of high quality.

They were grandchildren of the oldest worker in the famous Cruzcampo factory. Looking back, the course has been full of setbacks; from the failures of the first productions, to export throughout Europe. How was it possible?

The curiosity for the elaboration of craft beer was growing, and from that came the idea of Cervezanía S.L. From those first moments of courses, tastings, recipes, events, and a great effort to publicize their craft beer, to create in 2014 the craft brewing kit Albero Gastronómica Pale Ale.

Kit Homebrew - Cervezanía

Starting in 2015, Cervezanía takes off under the slogan "Drink your own beer". They develop their own recipes, such as the famous India Pale Ale, and begin to collaborate with the best Spanish brewers to include their recipes in the elaboration kits: Tyris, Dougall's, La Sagra, among others.

The interest of all is such, that the kit to make craft beer soon becomes a top sales, not only among home brewers, but among all types of users with curiosity for beer, craft beer, cooking, and Do it yourself concept.

Two new brands are soon launched to the international market: My Brewery for the European market, and Mon Petit Brassage, exclusively for French customers. In 2017 the kits become top sales, and more than 2 million kits are deployed by European kitchens.


In 2017, the kit and recharge Francachela APA was born, from the Spanish Brewers Association, which soon became one of the best-selling recipes. In the middle of that year, Cervezanía SL began a great expansion in the craft world, incorporating new products and homebrew material, and resurging Cervezas Albero for the hospitality sector.

In addition, the MyBrewery compact equipment is launched in 2 formats: 30 litres or 45 litres, delighting the most demanding homebrewers. And to close the circle, Cervezanía SL becomes the official distributor of malts The Swaen in Spain.

New ideas and projects already haunt the minds of the entire Cervezanía team, so in 2019 there will be many novelties and much more craft beer.



Meet our team

A team full of enthusiasm and full of ideas; this way we could define the team of Cervezanía SL. The multidisciplinary concept brought to its maximum expression: engineers, publicists, philologists, marketing experts, biologists, commercialists, and many more, make up a great team committed to making each product a perfect item.

Cervezanía SL is the homebrewing kit, but also Cervezas Albero, MyBrewery and Mon Petit Brassage. It is homebrew material, malts and brewing equipment. It is, after all, everything that happens to the great human team behind this brewing concept.

Check out; Here you can see part of the team, although there are many more that make up this ingenious circle.

equipo cervezania
equipo cervezania

Our facilities

Cervezanía SL has achieved great growth in recent months. At present, we have more than 1000 square meters of sanitary facilities, laboratory, cold room and the most advanced storage systems.

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