Must-do recipe: Beer Ice Cream

Published : 2020-09-01 12:52:08
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Must-do recipe: Beer Ice Cream

The combination of the two most refreshing protagonist of the summer is possible, in the form of beer ice cream, yummy!

There are several recipes to easily make this ice cream that will be a success among your beer-friends. We propose one without eggs (100% safe for high temperatures) and in which you use kitchen utensils that you usually have at home. If you have a kitchen robot or ice cream maker, do not hesitate to use it, we hope you will be encouraged because the results will be optimal!

What craft beer to use it in this recipe? Beers with citrus, fruity or herbal notes could pair perfectly, and a bitter beer in contrast to the condensed milk in the recipe can be an exquisite daring. An IPA maybe? If this beer is already made by yourself, better!

Ingredients (4 servings or two servings for a very greedy couple)

500ml of heavy cream (minimum 35% fat)

250g of condensed milk

330 ml of craft beer

How to make it

1.- Whip the cream: To whip the cream and make it firm, we need cool everything involved in the process, from the cream to the whisk. We recommend that you put all the cookware in the freezer for a few minutes before starting to make this craft beer ice cream.

2.- Mix the craft beer with the condensed milk in a bowl until getting a homogeneous mixture.

3.- Using enveloping movements, add the previous mixture very slowly to the whipped cream and cover with transparent film when everything is well mixed.

4.- Finally, put in the freezer for 8-24 hours and the ice cream will be ready to eat.

The result is a beer creamy ice cream recipe, without the sensation of ice crystals and amazing delicious!

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