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October is ending and Halloween is knocking at your door with its Trick or Treat. This year, to forget about the Tricks we've been having over 2020, we thought about offering you a Treat:


My Brewery's Pumpkin Ale recipe!


To start with our orange coloured Autumn beer, we propose you to add cinnamon and ginger to pair with the pumpkin. I’m sure you can already imagine the aroma of this Pumpkin Ale just by reading this!


These characteristic Halloween spices, typically used for America's famous Pumpkin Pie, match perfectly with the biscuit flavour of our malts from The Swaen


Concerning our key ingredient, pumpkin, we offer you 2 options: the easiest one is to buy canned pumpkin purée on the internet to add it directly in the boil. Or, for the more talented cooks of our blog, you can remove the skin from a slice of pumpkin and oven cook it until it's tender, you can then smash it into a purée to add it during the boil as well.


Grab a pen and paper, here are our ingredients to brew 20 liters of Pumpkin Ale:


·         4,3kg of Swaen@Ale malt

·         0,5kg of Swaen@Munich Dark malt

·         25g of Golding hops

·         4g of grounded cinnamon

·         2g of grounded ginger

·         1,5kg - 2kg of pumpkin purée

·         11,5g of Safe Ale Fermentis US-05 yeast


If you are reading this post, surely you already have your equipment to brew, if you still do not have much experience, we recommend that you first make our All Grain Kits to gain experience.

The key technical data about our recipe:


·         Estimated Original Gravity: 1,060 SG

·         Estimated Final Gravity: 1,013 SG

·         Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 6,1 %

·         Bitterness: 20 IBUs

·         Estimated Colour: 10 EBC

·         Grain Mashing with 18 liters of water at 8ºC for 60 minutes.

·         Sparge the grains with 15 liters of water at 75ºC.

·         Boiling time: 60 min.

·         Addition of the hops at the beginning of the boil.

·         Addition of the pumpkin and spices 5 minutes before the end of the boil. 

·         Primary fermentation at 20ºC for 10 days.

·         Carbonate with 5,5g/L of Dextrose sugar in bottles or 2,5g/L in 5L barrels.


You can find all the necessities on our web store, including raw materials, accessories and brewing equipment to brew these 20L of delicious Pumpkin Ale, you can already smell its result…


So what are you waiting for this Halloween treat?

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