The best way to serve your craft beer

The best way to serve your craft beer

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Do you know how to serve the perfect beer?

There are many ways to serve beer, whether craft beer or not, there are many types of glasses, pubs and beer taps but, above all, there are many types of brewers, those who prefer drinking in a beer mug, others who only drink freezing beer, lovers of beer foam, etc.

However, beyond personal preferences, there are many tricks that will allow you to serve the perfect beer. We are talking about beer that has a right temperature, beautiful frothy head ... A beer that makes you smile just by taking a sip. Do you want to become an expert on the matter? Keep reading to become a beer master.

The vessel should always be made of glass

It doesn’t matter if you like drink beer in a standard glass, highball or mug, but beer should always be served in a vessel made of glass. The crystal glass allows to appreciate the beer nuances, and keeps its flavour and temperature. Instead, plastic can spoil the taste.

The glass should be cold and wet

Cold doesn’t mean frozen. If you are preparing your craft beer from Mybrewery, it will be much easier for you to prepare the glass before drinking beer at home than in bars.

Clean the glass before serving the beer

Whenever possible, ask for a cold glass and damp it with water at the rim to remove traces of cleaning products, food or dust. Thus, the so-called "lace of Brussels" must arise; that is, the trail stuck to glass when we drink. Trails are proof that beer was well served and glass was clean.

Tilt the beer glass up 45 degrees

When you insert the beer tap or bottle’s neck in the glass, you should tilt the container up slightly so that the beer flow slowly and avoiding excessive foam. When the glass is almost full, you should change its position and put it straight, to finish serving the beer. You can train with your homemade beer pack!

Beer’s head has to be 2 cm thick

This would be the perfect measure to enjoy a beer. More foam makes sips uncomfortable and drinker doesn’t allow to appreciate the taste. A thin head resulting in a loss of the foam nuances, which should not be lost. When foam exceed above the rim we must remove the excess foam from the glass, or drink our beer before it overflows from the glass!

To serve a good beer is not difficult and we are sure you can do it. You can enjoy the best quality beer and, thanks to My Brewery homebrew kit, you can complete the process with the best technique when serving. Visit our online store to brew your own craft beer and know many more tips to enjoy the best drink in the world!

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