How to pair Mead. Christmas Holidays recipes.

How to pair Mead. Christmas Holidays recipes.

Special days are approaching in this peculiar year we’ve all been through: Christmas Holidays, a time to spend with our loved ones and celebrate all surrounded by copious meals and family reunions. And what about bringing an original touch to those meals? Keep reading and you’ll be surprised!

For Christmas Evening, Christmas Day, New Year’s Evening and New Year, surprise your friends and family with food as well as with drink, today we invite you to pair your meals with Mead!

Surprise them and enjoy the perfect match of this emblematic drink from the Vikings and precursor of beer. Moreover, you can even make it easily yourself to crown yourself as the host.

So that food results ideal, you will have to take into account the perfect match between the food and drink you will propose them. Therefore, we’ll give you some advices to combine several recipes with homemade mead.

There are lots of ways to pair mead with food, but during those holidays we’ll focus on pairing with appetizers, followed by seafood and fish to finish with meat without missing the pudding, grapes and the typical desserts as mince pies.

Appetizers and startes

To start with the nibbling, what best to pair a cheese plate with salty hors d’oeuvre and a salad to open up your appetite? We propose you a very easy suggestion to make and perfectly combine with a semi-sweet mead plenty of herbal and floral aromas.

A spectacular example for this pairing would be the Freya Mead recipe, if you haven’t tried it yet now is your chance! A silky, soft and velvety mouth feel with lots of flavours, followed by a gently sweet finish and a long lasting freshness that should seduce you!

Brie cheese snack with nuts

Using homemade puff-pastry is ideal for this recipe, but we are always running against the clock and using an already-made puff-pastry still gives a delicious 10/10 result.

Preheat the oven at 200ºC and put the oven baking paper on an oven tray.

Unroll the puff-paste and using a glass upside-down cuto ut circles making sure you are left with an even numer of circles.

Set the circles on the tray and slightly paint them with whipped egg. 

For half of those circles, add in their centre a slice of Brie cheese without its crust and a few smash nuts. Add a touch of black pepper and cover the circle with the other half you had left untouched. Let it rest until the paste gets golden, it should just take 10 minutes! 

Seafood and fish

The ideal mead to pair with sea-food is a sweet one, one that presents characteristics white wine notes on the aroma and a few spices such as white pepper, just like our Ull Mead recipe which is made from Lavender honey. 

You shouldn’t miss the chance to try a gilt-head sea bream with a touch of salt to match with this mead; it’s simple, quick and delicious.

Gilt-head sea bream

For each piece of fish, you will need one kilo of big salt and nothing more than just a bit of water.  A simple starter which should allow your guests to enjoy what really matters, spending time with their friends and family.

Preheat the oven at 200ºC.

In a bowl, mix the salt with water (half a glass per kilo, depending on the number of people eating). It should keep a fairly compact texture.

On an oven tray, spread a little bit of the mix, cover with the fish and cover with another layer of the salt mixture. It should all be pretty compact and make sure that everything except from the heads are covered by the mixture. 

In just a few minutes it should be ready toe at, when the fish’ eyes get White you can carefully take them out and you’re ready to lick your fingers!

Stews or meat

Mead also combines very well with meat if it dry and complex. Our Odin Mead recipe, an easy to make at home recipe, with its copper colour and its complex aromas with hints of wet earth, eucalyptus bark and pine-woods.

Pair it with a lamb-leg cooked in the oven, a traditional Christmas recipe. An easy to make dish that always is a success but make sure to make it in advance and keep a few hours for its preparation.

Leg lamb in the oven

For a leg of 1,5kg, you should only need a good piece of meat with a little fat to make a tasty sauce and cook it well, 150ml of water and salt up to your own preference. East right? That’s how you make an authentic Spanish Rotisserie.

The first step is to preheat your oven at 250ºC.

Then spread some salt on the leg put the leg on an earthenware baking dish and make sure its interior is facing upwards. Pour the water in the bottom of this dish to make the juice. 

Decrease the temperature to 160ºC and put your lamb in the oven. Make sure to hydrate the meat every 18-20minutes with the juice on the tray and leave it in the oven for 1hour and 10minutes.

Turn the leg the upside down and put your oven at 180ºC for 20 more minutes to obtain an impressive looking lamb leg with a crunchy skin. 

During those holidays, don’t hesitate to feast with your guests with the best mead made by yourself! 

Enjoy the holidays and the feast! 

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