How to make your own Hard Seltzer

How to make your own Hard Seltzer

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Here comes the summer, and here comes My Brewery’s very own home-making Hard Seltzer kits to quench your thirst. 

Isn’t that just what you needed?

For those of you who feel like giving a try to making one of today’s most trendy beverages in your kitchen, this article will give you a few tips and explanation on what Hard Seltzer is and how to make it. So pick your flavour, and let’s start making your drink of the summer!

What is a Hard Seltzer?

Hard seltzer is an alcoholic drink which started getting trendy in the United States not so long ago. To sum it up, a Hard Seltzer is a very fizzy drink with aromas, just like a soda so far, but fermented with yeast to bring it some more complex flavours and an alcohol content around 5%. 

Ingredients of your home-made Hard Seltzer


It’s the key ingredient of our recipe. Water is the base of this drink, it represents more than 90% of the ingredients used to make your own Hard Seltzer. Any drinkable water source is good! 


One of the key ingredients of this drink is sugar. Its purpose is identical to malted cereals for brewing beer: bringing fermentable material to the yeast to perform its fermentation and bring alcohol to the drink. Many sugar sources are available: white sugar, corn sugar, malt extract …

My Brewery has decided to use dextrose as a sugar source for this fermentation. Also knows as corn sugar, this fermentable material is very neutral when it is fermented by the yeast. So it doesn’t bring any flavours to the final beverage. 


And just like beer, yeast is the super star in the Hard Seltzer making process. It will allow the sugars to be fermented into alcohol, and produce interesting by-products which will bring on some nice complex flavour to the beverage.

My Brewery has decided to use a yeast strain with a high attenuation profile, able to ferment all the dextrose we put in our recipe. And the result is lovely: white wine flavours and aromas, a nice fizzy body and a dry finish to quench your thirst. 


To ferment the dextrose correctly and produce all the alcohol expended, the yeast needs some nutrients. Like every living organism, yeast needs a complete diet to survive and stay active. 

Because water and dextrose are not enough for the yeast to make the perfect Hard Seltzer, My Brewery offers it a well-balanced diet with the necessary proteins, amino acids and minerals. You can be sure your yeast will be healthy and active during its fermentation.


The final touch to your Hard Seltzer elaboration, and quite an important one. To pair with the flavours brought by the yeast fermentation, aromas will give a great touch to your sensory profile. You can choose your favourite: any fruit you like, cocktails mixes or anything you want.

My Brewery’s chose to work with 3 natural aromas to offer you’re the perfectly healthy Hard Seltzer and to satisfy you all: Forest fruits, Mango or Mojito. Pick yours, and let’s get started with the elaboration!

Recipe of your home-made Hard Seltzer

The sugar and water infusion and its sterilisation

First step is to make the infusion of sugar and water. Couldn’t be easier: just mix the water and sugar and heat it to help the sugar dissolve. 

An important step in making your own Hard Seltzer is to sterilise the infusion. This will guarantee your infusion is free of any contaminants and allow your yeast to perform the perfect fermentation. To do so, bring the infusion to boiling and maintain long enough to sterilise it. 

Once sterilised, you can cool down the infusion and get it ready for the yeast pitching. 

Yeast and nutrient addition

Yeast and nutrients are added to the cooled and sterilised infusion. Once they are in, the fermentation can begin. 

We advise you to split the nutrient additions during the fermentation as with My Brewery Hard Seltzer Kits. This allows the yeast to consume it little by little, and have it available just when it needs it the most.


The process all homebrewers know: The infusion needs to be at the right temperature for the yeast to perform its fermentation correctly, and maintained for long enough to allow the yeast to ferment all the way. 

Once it is over, time for the aromas to jump in and ready for bottling!

Aromas addition and bottling

Once the fermentation is over, the aromas can be added to the Hard Seltzer. Adding them at the end of the fermentation will allow them to be perfectly fresh and bring the best flavour you want to your Hard Seltzer. 

Once they have been mixed with the infusion, it’s time to bottle. Add some sugar to all your bottles to allow the yeast to ferment furthermore and carbonate your drink, and let the bottles rest for the bubbles to create. 

Next step: The moment to crack open a bottle and enjoy your very own Hard Seltzer!

Are you thirsty now? Have a look at our Hard Seltzer recipes and pick your favourite own. In just 8 simple steps you’ll be able to have your home-made Hard Seltzer for you to go through the summer and enjoy with your friends.  So pick your flavour and get started!

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