St. Patrick's Day 2021. A beer festivity... but without a party?

St. Patrick's Day 2021. A beer festivity... but without a party?

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Throughout this past year we have had to skip many important dates, which traditionally celebrate festive occasions, events, tributes or parties, for the safety of all. This time St. Patrick's Day is here, but are we going to let this festivity, whose protagonist is our beloved beer, go by without a party?

How about organising a small Saint Patrick's Day celebration from the safety of your own home? This festivity was born in the USA, originating from the Irish who came to the "New World", parades and celebrations proliferated and nowadays, on the 17th of March, it is a festivity that is celebrated all over the world, having more and more followers and more relevance in the world.

People have joined the party, and in many pubs and bars, customers are already being treated to gifts such as green Leprechaun hats and live music performances to encourage fun. Unfortunately, this year, in order to avoid crowds as a result of the global pandemic, the gatherings must be limited, respecting distances and with all the means at our disposal to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. Therefore, we encourage you to give this day a twist, make it special and surprise at home with a small party typical of the greenest day of the year ;)

Create the trendy green beer easily

By pouring 4-6 drops of green food colouring into a mug of lager, you will achieve this eye-catching effect that will surely delight your guests. The food colouring is usually available in any supermarket in the baking section, and if you can't find this colour, remember that you can always mix a few drops of blue and yellow.

A curious fact about the green-tinted beer on St. Patrick's Day is that some say that it was the result of a rebellion by some students over exams set on this important date which decided to make their discontent visible this way, others say that it originated from the Irish custom of adding a shamrock to beer to attract luck; but the most adopted theory is the one spread by journalist Charlie Henry Adams in his column entitled "New York Day by Day", in which he recounted how a coroner of Irish descent added a laundry bleach known as 'Wash Blue' to beer over 100 years ago, staining the pints in a Bronx bar on St. Patrick's Day.

Keep a few stouts in your fridge!

The traditional beer for St. Patrick's Day is a stout as you already know, but if you're a homebrewer don't hesitate to chill your own stout - we've already got our Dougall's Session Stout recipe in the fridge!

Corned Beef for carnivores

One of the star dishes of the day is this super simple to make beef dish.

Surely any traditional beef dish from our land, with some variation, will be great, but if you dare click HERE, we leave you a complete recipe in a slow cooker so you can forget about it until lunchtime.

Our suggestion, make sandwiches with crusty seeded bread and smoked cheese:

Colcannon for vegetable lovers

An inexpensive and quick salad, which is a mixture of mashed potatoes and cabbage, a typical dish to strengthen our health.

To conclude, in these times when we might feel a little unlucky due to the current pandemic and restriction we live with, always keep a good beer in the fridge and luck will be on your side ;) 

Have a happy and very green St. Patrick's Day!

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