Extract Beer Kits. 8 litres. Hydrometer and test tube included

Extract Kits

Key question. What is the difference between this Extract Kit and the whole grain Kit? Very easy. The main difference: you are going to make 8 litres of craft beer. Moreover, the process is somewhat simpler, since instead of containing malted grain, it contains the ingredients ready to be added in the elaboration. We therefore simplify the process. In addition, with this kit you will be able to measure the density of beer, as it contains densimeter and test tube. Includes 11-liter fermenter bucket with capacity to make 8 liters of beer; and the materials are reusable, so it is a good option to get a great homebrew material for beginners.

Extract Recipes

Choose American IPA if you are not afraid of hops; Pale Ale classic with generous character to malt; or Amber Ale with delicate citrus aroma if you like the classic English artisan.

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IPA Extract Beer Kit. Make 8 liters of craft beer with extract, with a very complete material, which includes hydrometer and test tube.