Mead Making Kits. Andalusian Highlands honey

Mead Kits

And before the beer? The Mead! Make the first alcoholic beverage consumed by the humans being. According to Norse mythology, mead is the only food of the god Odin, a drink that even after death, in the paradise of Valhalla, accompanies the Nordic warriors for the rest of eternity. With this kit you will be able to create your own mead easily, and savour the emblematic drink of the Vikings without prior knowledge. An amusing production that is based on the fermentation of a mixture of water and honey, and with which to enjoy during the whole process until get the desired elixir. Our recipes? They have been created from the best honeys of the Andalusian highlands, tempting ambrosia!

Mead recipes

Choose Ull Lavender 9.5% Alc. sweet if you are a sweet toothed, Freya Orange Blossom 11% Alc. semi sweet, or Odin Chestnut 12.5% Alc. dry if you are a warrior!