Our Kits All Grain

All our Kits All Grain contain all the materials needed to make craft beer at home. If you find a kit on our website on offer, do not worry. The fact that it is in promotion does not mean that it is not equal to the rest.

All kits contain:

  • Mixed malts, according to recipe
  • Hop sachets, according to recipe
  • 3 g. Yeast, according to recipe
  • 1 sachet of sterilizing agent (8g)
  • 21 crown caps 26mm
  • 1 hammer capper
  • 1 brewing bucket with lid, tap and gaskets
  • 1 airlock
  • 1 digital thermometer
  • 1 instruction manual, according to recipe

So, what is the difference between the kits? Very easy! It changes the recipe of each one, that is, the craft beer that you will make with each of them.

And most important: all the kits are reusable, so you can continue making craft beer as many times as you want. What do you have to do for future elaborations? Buy the refills of raw materials that contain those elements that you used in the first elaboration: a mix of malts, hops, yeast, sterilizer, and crown caps.

Craft Beer Recipes

With MyBrewery you will be able to make beers of our own creation, created by our brewers. Which to choose? Here you have the most important data of each of them.

Pale Ale, Alc. 5,6% vol. This beer has an intense amber colour with a small fizzy white head that diminishes quickly and leaves a small lacing. Aroma is fruity with caramelized malt notes. Taste is quite balanced, light and long drink. This beer will be to the liking of most of craft beer lovers.

India Pale Ale, Alc. 4,7% vol. This perfectly balanced beer has a persisting head. His medium body will be dark golden and has a clean lingering bitterness at the end. The pleasantly hoppy aroma is plenty of fresh fruity flavours and a light malt balanced.

Pilsen Ale Bio, Alc. 5% vol. This beer is flavoured with noble and elegant Saaz hop, giving the typical fruity aroma of Ale fermentation. Organic products preserve biodiversity, soil fertility and reduce the risk of allergies among other factors.

Weissbier wheat, Alc. 5,4% vol. Wheat beer in the purest German style, cloudy, silky and with body. Its aromatic notes are reminiscent of banana and cereal. Its foam is dense, white and persistent. A beer to enjoy slowly in company. 50% malted wheat. With little hops, among them hops Saaz noble German of the region of Bavaria, and orange peel, very common in the weiss. We categorize it as a Bavarian Weiss.

Tripel Blonde Ale, Alc. 8,5% vol. Triple malt beer, with Belgian abbey yeast. A recipe following the tradition of the monks of the Belgian abbeys. Recipe with a lot of body, with flattened aromas. Blunt and sweet, thanks to the incorporation of glucose. Little hops and maltose.

Swivel Creative Pale Ale, Alc. 5,0% vol. You will brew a light golden beer, with citrus aromas that remind us of tangerines. You will get a light beer, fresh and long drink, rich in nuances, and medium body.

Arriaca IPA, Alc. 6,9% vol. You will brew this beer with a strong hop character, from the Arriaca brewery, one of the best in the world. Complex, creamy, with remarkable body. A beer to be tasted with the five senses.

Tyris Blonde Ale, Alc. 5,0% vol. Brew this straw-colored, soft and elegant blond beer, with a maltose character and fruity bees. The incorporation of German noble hops makes it subtle, fresh and delicious.

Belgian White La Sagra, Alc. 5,2% vol. You will brew this soft and creamy beer, light body and fruity flavors. In addition with a touch of citrus with orange peel and coriander seeds, fueling its flavor and aroma, and producing new and surprising sensations in the mouth.

Amber Ale La Pirata, Alc. 6,0% vol. You will brew this toast and a little sweet, with maltious touches that intermingle with hops. Reddish color, soft touch of bitterness and a lot of body. A beer that awakens the senses.

Session Stout Dougalls, Alc. 4,8% vol. You will brew this black beer with five varieties of malt selected with care and an unmistakable character that will take us to the United Kingdom at the end of the 19th century.

Amber Ale San Frutos, Alc. 6,5% vol. Beautiful bronze beer, with a perfectly balanced bitterness. Aromas of cereal, caramel, ripe fruit and wood. A beer to enjoy slowly.

Scotch Honey Domus, Alc. 7,2% vol. With a consistent beige foam. Very aromatic beer, with hints of honey and caramel along with fermentation fruit trees. Medium body, complex in taste, combining the bitter character of roasted malt and hops with honey sweets, appearing very subtly a memory of coffee and chocolate.

Any more questions about brewing?

Do you have more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@mybrewery.beer